Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ct and pet diagnosis

For mesothelioma patients who will be undergoing aggressive mesothelioma treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, an exact clinical mesothelioma staging is most vital.

Integrated CT/PET imaging offers a relatively new procedure in this regards, and it has the best imaging technique for the determination of surgical eligibility. By adding up the advantages of CT and PET into a single scan, this technique will more precisely determine the stage of mesothelioma cancer, and will determine the best treatment procedure for the mesothelioma patients.

CT scans singly are able to define fliud accumulations, with also the thickening of the pleura, calcification of the pleural, thickening of interlobular fissures, or the possibility of chest wall invasion by mesothelioma lung cancer.

However, CT cannot give a clear difference between alterations related to benign asbestos disease( often known as pleural disease, or give a clear difference between mesothelioma lung cancer and another disease of the lung such as adenocarcinoma of the lung that might have spread to the pleura.

But CT scans may prove very valuable in aspiring pleural masses using fine needle for the purpose of mesothelioma diagnosis.

Positron emission tomography (PET)

Singly, PET imaging is presently turning out to be an important part of mesothelioma diagnosis and mesothelioma evaluation.

PET scans are very expensive compared to other types of imaging technique listed above, and usually, they are not often covered by insurance, which implies that such scans are not readily available for average mesothelioma patients, but they are presently considered to be the best in mesothelioma diagnosis of tumour sites, and also the most superior technique in the determination of mesothelioma stages.

Despite both of their advantages in the diagnostic procedure, they cannot in any way be compared to the combination of the technique.

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