Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tumor markers

Tumor markers are methods used by oncologist in mesothelioma diagnosis. The tumor markers are usually found in fluids of the body like urine, and blood. This mesothelioma diagnosis method can not be used for comfirmatory diagnosis, but can be very helpful in mesothelioma diagnosis. Other non-cancerous tumors can also cause changes in these tumor markers, hence, it is not a definitive diagnostic procedure. The best method for mesothelioma cancers diagnosis still remain biopsy, therefore the probable presence of these tumor markers in both benign and malignant mesothelioma may increase its efficiency. There are still speculations if tumor markers will be effective in early detecting of mesothelioma cancers, because several mesothelioma doctors may feel that these markers are not directly useful in the detection of the mesothelioma cancers at their early stage. But there are some tumor markers which can confirm the severity of certain cancers.

Furthermore to being used for mesothelioma diagnosis, tumor markers are really needed in examining mesothelioma patients response to mesothelioma treatmnets. If there is a reduction in marker level, it means it is a sign of positive response to mesothelioma treatments. In contrast, if it is increasing, it means a sign of non-responsiveness to mesothelioma treatments, and also a recurrence sign in mesothelioma patients, undergoing mesothelioma treatments. Nevertheless, cases exist whereby the marker increases as a result of tumor destruction by mesothelioma treatments.

Tumor markers are usually seen as proteins in blood, tissue, or urine. In order to recognise them, certain antibodies to different proteins are injected into the blood, tissue, or urine and then the reaction is taken note of. Certain changes can mean the existence of certain cancers. There exist so many particular markers that mesothelioma doctors know, and research are going on in order to discover more markers. Also, mesothelioma doctors are making use of DNA analysis, thereby learning new gene presentations which may be seen in tumor markers.

A few of the common tumor markers used by mesothelioma doctors are prostate-specific antigen.

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