Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Survival rates increases with chemotherapy combination

The survival rates of mesothelioma patients have increased with the combination of two or more chemotherapy drugs. Many research centers and organizations have discovered that there is an improvement when these drugs are combined together. For example, in the study of mesothelioma patients who uses pemetrexed and cisplatin, and patients who uses cisplatin alone, the rate of survival for mesothelioma patients with the combination is higher.

There is no cure for mesothelioma cancers but certain improvements are being made to help patients survive through this disease. Mesothelioma cancer as known to be a rare cancer is very aggressive and it affcts the heart, lungs, and stomach. The lungs is the most common of them all.

Many researchers all over the world have gone through series of clinical trials to confirm this combination use and they all come out with the same answer YES.

Although, the symptoms presented by mesothelioma patients differ, and mesothelioma soctors also try to handle these symptoms in special ways. Mesothelioma doctors have many responsibility. They cover integrative, palliative, and symptoms management. So when symptoms present themselves, the mesothelioma doctors already know where it is coming from and they try to eliminate it. This elimination is important because it affects the general health of the patient.

Take for instance a mesothelioma patient who has no appetite, mesothelioma doctors for sure know that the patients needs lot of food to help him fight through. Therefore the management of that symptom comes in.

Patients take in liquid food, take a lot of water, and many other procedures.

Basically, the use of chemotherapy treatment of mesothelioma has proven to be effective, and therefore the need to greatly improve on this method.

The symptoms that show in mesothelioma cancers are fatigue, pain, loss of appetite, cough, and many others are the case may be. The symptoms don't show all of a sudden. They present themselves in a stylish way, giving room for tolerance until it begins to have serious effect on the health of the patient.

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