Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Combination of Alimta/Platinum comfirmed active

The combination of Alimta/Platinum have been confirmed active in the treatment of mesothelioma. This combination provides a better treatment for mesothelioma patients.
Chemotherapy is a mesothelioma treatment suitable for mesothelioma patients. This aggressive mesothelioma treatment has been used over time, but recently the combination of Alimta and Platinum have greatly increased the efficiency of the treatment.

There are many chemotherapeutic drugs that can be used for treatment but the most effective have be proven to be Alimta/Platinum combination.

All these are to further improve the severity and fatality of mesothelioma cancers.
There is no cure for mesothelioma but there are measures to effectively reduce its effect. There are also many effects of mesothelioma chemotherapy, but they can be suppressed and controlled by proper and active control measures.

The rate at which this mesothelioma cancer develops in the body is alarming. Its spread is very rapid and that's why it is named malignant mesothelioma. Also mesothelioma grows in 3 main parts of the body, which are the heart, abdomen, and the lungs.

The lungs is the most commmon, and the success rate of Alimta/Platinum drug is impressive.

Also, you must know that chemotherapy is not the only integrative mesothelioma treatment, there are also many others.

The others includes the radiation therapy, and surgery. All these mesothelioma treatments methods have their different success rate, and they are also used for specific parts of the mesothelioma cancers growth.

Symptoms also vary with these different mesothelioma cancers. This mesothelioma is known depending on which part it grows. In the lungs, it is called Pleural mesothelioma, in the heart, it is called caudial mesothelioma, and in the abdomen it is called peritoneal mesothelioma.

But take note that better treatment can be achieved when the various ways are combined. Such as the combination of surgery and radiation therapy, or chemotherapy and surgery.

The survival rate of this cancer all varies, and it has been improving since the use of the Alimta/Platinum chemotherapeutic drug.

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