Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Illegal asbestos removal results in jail time

A certain man was jailed because of illegal removal of asbestos. This man called Dylan Starnes, being an employee of an Environmental Contracting company based in Atlanta, was sentenced to a jail time of 33 months, with also an additional 3 years probation for the improper removal of asbestos from a housing site on St. Thomas.
Additionally, he must also be liable to pay cost of treatment or medical expenses incurred by people who were exposed to the asbestos.
This sentence was given on the 27th July, 2007.

A man called Cleve Allan George hired Dylan Starnes who is a licenced asbestos contractor to manage the remediation of about 220,00 square feets of asbestos. He is also to manage the air pollution in the project. All these are to be carried out under the normal procedure required by the federal regulations for asbestos removal.
Both men mentioned above were guilty of not carrying out the job, and overseeing of the project, and they are to serve jail time for that reason.

Again both men exposed a lot of asbestos into the atmosphere thereby endangering the lives of people around.

The exposure of this substance causes mesothelioma cancers and many other asbestos related disease. Mesothelioma cancers is the most common among these asbestos related disease, and all those who have inhaled it tend to start showing signs and symptom after many years, as from 20 and above.

You can be sure that the treatment of mesothelioma is very expensive hence the payment of medical expenses by the people who caused the pollution.

Treatment of mesothelioma vary with severity and this has made many mesothelioma patients to choose among varieties of these treatment ways.

Mesothelioma patients who develop this disease then get to put them in a state of clinical trials. It is adviced that mesothelioma patients participate because it further helps other victims to determine the real treatment suitable for them.

Mesothelioma patients now have the opportunity to choose from these treatment ways and thereby get an improved and advanced treatment. This is the situation in which many unfortunate patients find themselves as a result of the carelessness, and greediness of asbestos contractors, and other people who manage asbestos.

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