Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mesothelioma survival addresses patients

A mesothelioma survivor called Paul Kraus gave a speech to other mesothelioma patients about how he got healed. This presentation helped a lot of mesothelioma patients to develop hope that they can still get better.

One of the most important things in medicine is the ability of a patient to fight back in his spirit, once they give up, treatment measure most often don't work.

Paul Kraus was a man who had lost all hope about getting well from his mesothelioma cancers, because of the severity of his disease. He was also given a few months to live, after he received his positive mesothelioma diagnosis in 1997.

But despite all the worst reports around him, he didn't give up. He continued to approve different integrative, experimental, holistic therapies.

He also went through a lot of clinical trials to enable the discovery of better treatment ways.

All these he did, and today after 10 years, he can say he was happy he didn't give up all hope. This encouragement also goes to all mesothelioma patients that are in a critical state in their mesothelioma cancer. All hope is not lost, you can still make it out of there.

These are the kind of stories that should be told to people with mesothelioma cancers, because it helps build their resistance emotionally. When they hear and listen to such stories, their spirit gets revived, and they stay alive to fight back the disease.

Paul Kraus is a living example of that, and that has made him an encouragement to many other mesothelioma patients.

The symptoms, and severity of pleural mesothelioma vary with the stage of the disease, and it also vary with prior treatment. So if you think all pleural mesothelioma patients die, then you have to think again. There are facts that shows that a good percentage of them live to see new years and decades.

Take a close look at the situation with Paul Kraus, he had just a few months to live, but he turned that few months into a time to struggle. He wanted to die struggling, not like someone who died without doing something about it.

For all mesothelioma patients, the struggle does not end...it continues.

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